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I wasn't gonna go, no really, i wasn't. Whenever a band i like comes to town, and i don't have money to keep Ticketmaster rolling in kittens, i search Craigslist for cheaper seats, which usually end up coming up right before the show. 

A co-worker of mine was going, and was talking about it like it was gonna be super cool, so i thought "hey, that's not a bad idea...", even though i'm not the biggest fan of their new album, everything from Achtung Baby to How to Dismantle works for me.

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I'm still gleeful about this. So much so that i'm pretty sure i'm annoying those around me. I'm ok with that today.

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Music meme!

 iTunes Meme!  (Put your iTunes collection on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs.  Post the poem that results.  The first line of the twenty-first is the title.)

Go make your next choice be your best choice

the metal jangles as the key turns
How does she know you love her?
I know you've been sworn
the trade's on
Sleep with all the lights on
In Hollywood they have a different language that they speak
I don't know just what you came here looking for
Once upon almost every mornin'
A heart of gold, but it lost it's pride
We both lie silently still in the dead of the night
Think i'm gonna stay home
Well, I'm standing here, freezing, outside your golden garden
New day
If the sun refused to shine
Video countdown cyber phallic optics
You just walk in, I make you smile,
This dream never ends, you said
It's a quiet, peaceful night
Well you dawned on me and you bet I felt it
Late last night I was looking through pictures

Yay, random things! 

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Happy New Year!!!!! 

It's been a pretty cool 08, all things considered. I got to see Europe with my own two eyes, didn't injure myself beyond repair, and got to watch my son grow a bit every single day. He's absolutely one of the most amazing people i've ever witnessed. he puts things together in his brain very very quickly.

I've made some semi important decisions about the direction i'd like my life to go. Now it's time to aim for those goals. Wow, Goals, did i just say that? I feel so grownup sometimes - but 97% of the time i feel like i'm only playing at being a grownup. I suppose that's the secret of adulthood - a bunch of people masquerading as larger teenagers? 

My husband has lost a great deal of weight in the last year or so. He's like a whole new person. I barely recognize him most of the time.

I'm still at the same job i've been at for the last 5 years. i'm liked here, for the most part, and feel i'm pretty helpful in what i do. Self-validation counts for something, i hope. i'd like to get a raise, but wouldn't everyone? 

I'm on facebook now too. I have a myriad of people "Friended" on my facebook - Extended Family, CoWorkers, people i haven't seen in years, friends and teachers from high school... each of them know a different Sara. It's hard to live this quadruplicate life sometimes and post something easy like a sentence that won't send one of those groups into a tizzy.

I don't know when i'll grow to be someone who can be strong enough to be herself. Hopefully soon - it's wearing me down not to be who i am! 

I've been thinking alot about my life before i moved out - the friends i had, the activities i was doing, the people who i talked to -- i don't know if you've seen Heart & Souls, but the main character, when he was a boy, was attached to four ghosts in a very sciencefictiony type way. They were all adults and would give him advice, have him do things for them - they were very very great friends. When the boy grew up a bit, the four ghosts decided it would be best for the boy if they disappeared. They did, and the boy was left feeling abandoned and unsure of why any of this happened.
I feel like that in regards to my previous life posting on LK and everything that went on there. I'm on my own, trying to figure it out, but sometimes i wish my "ghosts" would reappear and give me advice - something, anything.

I've got some older friends at work - several ladies who are nearly twice my age who i work with very closely. we get along well - they are good ghost standins for the time being.

Enough of my ramblings. i've really got to leave work now!!! 

New Years Resolution - to blog more.
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Hi :)

Paul and I took a roadtrip to Las Vegas, then Los Angeles, then San Clemente, and finally back home. We were hoping to go somewhere for our anniversary in January, but then John Mayer decided to schedule a show in LA, called "John Mayer: On His Own".
Normally, John scheduling a show wouldn't have caught my attention like it did. The "On His Own" - it did me in. There was a choice between getting two cheaper seats, or one really really good seat. Ticket in hand, we started on our trip! 

First, the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. We stayed in a really nice suite and wandered up and down the strip for a few days. Lots of fun! 
We then drove from Vegas to Santa Monica (on a highway i'd never been on!), with a stop just outside of LA to a Target. I picked up some flipflops and we got more water. When we left the Target, we'd discovered the car next to us had gotten it's window broken and had had things stolen from it. Thank God we didn't get hit too - all of our luggage and our laptops were in our car. We made our way to Santa Monica, and walked along the beach next to the Santa Monica Pier. it was lovely - we were there just before the sun started to set. it was very pretty.
We mapped our way to downtown LA and parked the car. We found the venue, Nokia Theater, and then walked back to a mall we found. Wandered around a three story Macy's for a spell, then picked up Paul's laptop from the car. He walked me to the venue, then wandered around the LA Live area, landing at a Dennys, then a Starbucks for laptop usage while i spent sometime in the presence of John.

Here's the setlist. . . .

Little Red Corvette$ ->
Stop This Train
Intro -> Belief (Inner City Blues*)
Intro -> Hummingbird
Comfortable ->
Free Fallin'§
I Heard It Through The Grapevine* (Love Lockdown& beat) Intro -> Vultures
Your Body is a Wonderland ->
Something's Missing -> In Your Atmosphere -> Something's Missing
Waiting on the World to Change
Sucker tease ->
Not Myself tease ->
Victoria (Karma Police!) tease ->
My Stupid Mouth tease ->
Why Georgia
No Such Thing bit -> St. Patrick's Day

Crossroads% ->
Who Did You Think I Was
Gravity (I've Got Dreams to Remember)
Clarity Remix (with Lost" & No Hook/)

*Marvin Gaye
§Tom Petty
&Kanye West
%Eric Clapton

The first set was acoustic, most of the encore was electric, but the last song was done acoustically. John had a little mixing sound machine, which served him well.
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a conversation i had with my mom last night:

Her: "So, what are you doing tomorrow?"
Me: "Um.. working..."
Her: "For the baby?"
Me: "Watching him..."
Her: "For his birthday?"
Me: "0_o"

I cannot believe i spaced on when his actual b-day was. I'd like to think i probably would have remembered today sometime (regardless of the alert on my bb this morning) but honestly.. kind of doubtful.


I know i'm an OK Mommy - i work hard at keeping a roof above our heads and food on our table and gas in the cars. i just can't believe i blanked on such a basic detail as a *birthday*! 

I'm only on my second one of these so far. Hopefully by the time he gets to noticing, I'll have the hang of this.
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Baz has a large pad of paper he likes to color on. That pad was on the tile earlier. I was holding the baby with his butt on my chest and my arms around his middle, I couldn't see what was on the ground, and I slipped on the pad of paper. It was my first fall in just over 150 days, and my very first while holding the baby. I landed hard on my knee, my other leg went forward and my big toenail broke against baby's toy bin. Ow ow ow ow ow.
I did manage to keep the baby in the air til after I fell. I think he ended on his butt- thank God it wasn't under me.
After I fell, I made him lunch and called hubby and mom- got a hold of mom first, and she came to my rescue.
I'll be ok, was just freaked out. My lower half, not so happy. Ugh.
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As expected, Dashboard rocked my socks off. They had a pretty short set, which was to be expected, I suppose. My seat was in the far back area and the people around me were not all that into 'rocking'- the very nature of all Dashboard's music is that it lends to one giant therapeutic singalong. Think Group Therapy, but for the emo crowd. Kind of hard to pull off in a venue 75% full of kids who were 6 when Screaming Infidelities came out. Still enjoyable, nonetheless, and just really great to see Chris again.
The rest of the show was o.k.- I'd never heard of The Cab before, but I'm thinking of picking up their album. Plain White T's were a lot of fun and kept the crowd dancing- I'm definetly going to be picking up "Big Bad World" for a song called "That Girl". Nothing wrong with a bit of pop now and again!!
I suppose I could have hung around for P!atD's set, but I hadn't eaten since lunch, and honestly, I'd gotten my money's worth.