Sara (hadtoomuch) wrote,

my previous post to be continued later, but i'm not going to write about what i'm not thinking about right now. 

The New car is being broken in very gently. It's a pretty sweet little ride, and my brother in law detailed it for me, making it sparkle for a very good price. The new car does not have an auxiliary input, but it does have a premium sound system with a 6 disc in dash cd changer. I am loving listening to albums, and my iPod is loving the lack of battery drainage. Between listening at work and in the car, it was getting quite the workout! 

Last night i attended a wedding reception at a co-workers house. She invited lots of former coworkers who now live (and love) in Saratoga, NY and San Fran, CA. Getting to hang out with all of them was priceless, but near the end, just hanging out with those i currently work with was equally if not more uplifting. A gal i've worked with for years who i've been very friendly with (those you share chocolate martinis with, you keep :)) put on Howard Jones' One to One, track 3 - "All I Want", which has been my anthem for 8 years. I love that song, and, if possible, i love her even more for throwing that in there. We danced and sang the entire track. Very, very uplifting :) 

Night before last i finally got to see Conan O'Brien's legally prohibited from being funny on tour show. It was funny, way more musical than i thought it was going to be, and genuinely adorable. I'm hoping TBS puts his new show online - i don't want to have to rehookup cable just to watch Conan. Also, Obama for everything everyone says about him, got Leno GOOD this weekend at the White House event. I love Jay bashing, also, i can't wait for the 60 minutes interview. Yippee!!! 


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