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Today I found a blog of a woman who is so indelibly authentic that I almost caught my breath. I've learned 3 lessons from her so far in the hour or so I've been catching up with her blog, and they've got me so excited I can't wait to enact them in my own life. (Never mind its 10 AM on a workday and I really should have been, uh, working).
Lesson 1) Make a list of all the questions you want to be able to answer by the end of the month (slight variation from the end of the year she used- I'll be more motivated to do it if it's a monthly thing)
Lesson 2) When you feel jealousy about to strike, make a list with three columns to help me analyze Who/What/Why. Its better than gossip, or other hurtful things that could be said in place of analyzing.
Lesson 3) red lipstick. Use it, wear it, out of the house!!!
I just bought my first ever Red Lipstick- Revlon has a great Colorlast line right now. Yesterday a friend came over, and I did my hair and makeup in a way I never would have if I'd been going out-
* 2 pigtails, sitting higher up on my head and about an inch apart
* White eyeliner (looks like whiteout if applied too thick!)
* Red Lipstick.

I'm searching for the confidence to wear it out of the house- I'm thinking I may rock it during the move tomorrow!
The Move-
This will be an exercise in facing my fear. We've lived in this apartment for 3 years, and I've done a lot of shopping to make up for the erosion in our marriage over that time period. We're looking for a fresh start. How are we gonna do this? By not packing.
We will only bring essentials to the new place. Beds, dressers, food, hair stuff, clothes, toys, CDs and DVDs, and computers. Everything else that we don't need? Stays.
The move is happening tomorrow- Paul and I both took Thursday off to accomplish this feat. Only 4.5 boxes are packed- One box Marissa did of all the stuff she loves (as she won't be there to watch them get moved) The rest (3.5 boxes) are CDs.
After we get everything we'll keep, the rest will be sold or given away. I'm hoping our houses and lives and selves will feel lighter for not hauling this stuff around! We'll see...

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