March 23rd, 2011

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My normal work attire is a nice looking shirt and a pair of jeans. with the recent weight loss and my unwillingness to go into the closet to get the smaller jeans out, i thought it'd be fun to play dress up, and hey, if i could feel more adult in the process? i'm in my late 20s. Perhaps i should try it. 

This morning featured a search for pantyhose, dusting off (literally) of my heels, and digging a skirt out of the back of my closet. i did my makeup rather tamely, just some concealer on the eyebrows, lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara, and set my hair in hot rollers for 15 minutes. 

The result? I turned a lot of heads today - that was new and different. Lots of questions as to if i was going on a job interview, but very expected. Wearing a skirt in a room of boys has certainly reminded me how to sit like a lady - i am ashamed to say that's lapsed since i started working in this environment. (when i was 19! yikes!) 

Tomorrow i'm seeing Dashboard Confessional @ Marquee theater. I'm planning on going from work to the venue, and i found the cutest sun dress at Ross that i can wear to the show. It's rather showy with the bustline, so i'm going to put a shirt over it.. i'm hoping i can pull off the more casual skirt look at work. It will for sure be the first time in years. Yes, i'm very very very nervous. But hell, there's a space for being nervous and then there's a space for bravery, and i feel confident i can be brave in my clothing choices!